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A healthy smile is one
sign of an overall,
healthy body. Few things
effect our bodies more
then what we enjoy for
meals, and snacks.

Please review the
following ten healthy
food choices, and
consider adopting one
or two. Not only are the
snacks delicious, but
they could effect how
much time you spend in
the examining chair.

First, how does
our diet effect our
dental health?

One way is the
formation of plaque on
our teeth. Given sugar,
the naturally occurring
bacteria in our mouths,
produce plaque.

This plaque, in the
presence of starch and
carbohydrates, creates
an acid that wears away
at the enamel on our
teeth. This worn enamel
creates the opportunity
for cavities and tooth

A diet, that includes a
healthy approach to
daily breakfast, lunch
and dinner, goes a long
way to reducing sugary
snacks and breaking
this cycle.

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The tart and sweet taste of oranges, lemons
and limes stimulates the production of
saliva. Saliva is natures way of rinsing food
from our teeth and fighting the growth of bacteria.1 Let’s not forget that the vitamin C, found in citrus fruit, kiwi, strawberries (a natural tooth whitener) and guavas is great for gum health and boosting our immune systems for fighting infections.

Bet you didn't expect to see chocolate on this list! Cocoa
powder and chocolate (the darker the better) has been shown to
reduce inflammation in the body which may translate into less
gum inflammation and tooth loss.2 Cocoa powder has also been
proven to inhibit certain bacteria and enzymes that produce
plaque!3 Again, the darker chocolate has less sugar to contend
with, and the most beneficial cocoa polyphenols. How about
hot cocoa sweetened with a little honey?

It is said that our ancient cave ancestors had
wonderful teeth, due in part, to the inclusion
of seeds in their diet. Seeds have a natural,
abrading quality, that helps keep plaque off
teeth. Sesame seeds are also high in calcium for healthier bones and teeth.4 Add sesame seeds to salads. Grab a handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds next time the tummy rumbles.

When we slowly sip sweetened sodas, teas and coffee, it
prolongs the time that our teeth are exposed to sugar.
Unsweetened tea is a great pick me up with antioxidant
qualities, controlling bacteria, reducing cavities and gum
disease. Green tea has also been shown to have anti-
bacterial qualities for our mouths and anti inflammatory
affects on our gums5.

Yogurt helps promote healthy tooth enamel
with vitamin D and Calcium. It also has
antibacterial qualities, combating the
naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths.6
If you need it sweetened, add a little honey that also has
naturally occurring antibacterial qualities.

Apples are great way to include more fruit in your diet, and as
such, we felt they deserved a separate listing. They have a
wonderful natural sweetness, and some say, are fibrous enough
to naturally scrub your teeth. Apples also help stimulate saliva,
which raises the ph in your mouth and neutralizes the acid pro-
duced by plaque7. Eat all you want!

Cheeses are a a satisfying snack and a natural way to include vitamin D and calcium in your diet. Certain mozarellas, gouda's and other cheeses can even help neutralize the acid that affects tooth enamel8.

Popcorn is an unsweetened snack that is high in calcium and
phosphorous, nutrients needed for healthy teeth. It is also chewy
enough, to exercise your jaw and gums9. (Just be careful to
avoid the unpopped kernels; they can crack teeth.)

Nuts are high in calcium and magnesium, both
important for dental health. They also promote
a chewing action that is good for teeth and
gums.10 Peanuts are also high in vitamin D. Cashews, walnuts
and almonds are particularly beneficial.

Hard boiled eggs are high in Vitamin D and Phosphorous, both
nutrients essential for good strong teeth and bones.11