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Dr. Homer and CamilleCherished Smiles Family Dentistry
provides a full range of dental
procedures to ensure our patients
enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

The following represents a short
list of cosmetic and restorative

dental services available at CSFD. Whenever
possible, treatment will be administered on a same
day basis, however, certain conditions may require
repeat visits and treatment.


Cleaning: What do I need to
know about getting a cleaning?

To get the most out of your smile,
a prophy, or regular cleaning, is
recommended for persons who do
not have any bone loss, periodontal
disease,or infection around
their teeth.

This includes the removal of plaque,
calculus (tartar or hardened plaque)
and stains from the tooth structures.
It is performed by our dentist or
hygienist two times a year. A patient
with gingivitis, (inflammation of the
gums), may even have this condition
reversed with professional cleanings
twice a year, and consistent
home care.

Periodontal disease is an
inflammation and infection of the
supporting structures of the teeth.
You may notice that your gums
bleed easily and that you have a
bad tastein your mouth. We check
for periodontal disease by using a periodontal probe to gently measure the spaces between your teeth and gums. If the spaces are deep,
they are called periodontal pockets.
Root planning and scaling,
also known as SRP, utilizes local
anesthesia, as wellas, antibiotic as
therapeutic treatments designed
to treat various stages of
periodontal disease.

If we determine that your stage
of periodontal disease is in the
moderate to advanced stage, a
referral to a Periodontist,
may be necessary.

Bonding and white fillings
are a popular cosmetic method to
enhance the aesthetics of your smile.
Bonding can be used to correct
cracks or gaps in teeth, as a filling
after a cavity has been removed, or
to cover up stains or discolored
teeth. It can change the look of your
smile dramatically!

Amalgam fillings are the silver
fillings made from a metal alloy.
.Crowns are restorations that
protect and cover damaged, cracked
or broken down teeth. Crowns are
indicated for teeth with cracks,
previous treatment by root canal therapy or teeth with large fillings.
The process of making a crown
requires the tooth to be reshaped,
so that the cap can be placed
over it (thus the “Crown”).

Veneers are thin pieces of
porcelain that go directly on your
naturalteeth and are used to repair
fractured, darkened or crooked teeth.

A fixed bridge is a great way to
replace missing teeth. Your existing
teeth are used to anchor false teeth
that bridge the area where your tooth
is missing. Bridges are made from
gold, metal, alloys or porcelain to
ensure that they are strong
and durable.

Implants are a wonderful option
to replace missing teeth. Made from
titanium, this screw like object is
inserted under your gums and
directly into your upper or lower
jaw bone.

After a brief period, the dental
implant and bone fuse together. This
creates an anchor for the new tooth
to be placed onto the dental implant.
Our office can assist you in referral
to a specialist for placement of the
implant. After placement of the
implant, the crown that is placed on
top of the implant can be made by
our office.

Dentures are removable replacements for your teeth.
Designed to look and function
like your own natural teeth and surrounding gum tissues, they
can be removed and put back into
your mouth at your convenience. Depending on each individual
patient case, they may receive full
or partial dentures.

Full dentures are used when all
of the natural teeth are removed from
the mouth and replaced with a
complete set of dentures.

Partial dentures are another
option when not all of your teeth
need to be removed. Removable
partial dentures can be made out of
metal or a more esthetic material
referred to as a valplast partial.
.Extraction of teeth can be done
here in our office. Difficult extractions
including impacted wisdom teeth, will require referral to an oral surgeon.

Occlusal guards are used
to treat persons afflicted with teeth
grinding. If you grind your
teeth, you should consider an
occlusal guard. It provides a barrier
between your top and bottom teeth.
Some people may do this consciously
during the day, but it is a larger
problem at night while you are
asleep. Grinding your teeth can
damage enamel, wear down teeth and
cause you pain.

TMJ, known as temporomandibular
joint, which connects your lower jaw
to your skull at the temporal bone.
This joint controls many jaw
functions,like chewing. If the chewing
muscles or the joint itself are
causing you pain, you may have
temporomandibular disorder or TMD.

TMD can caused by stress, continual
clenching of the jaw muscles or teeth
grinding. Symptoms of TMD

·Pain when opening orclosing mouth

·Trouble chewing

·Headaches or ear pain

·Clicking or popping sounds
when opening your mouth

·Teeth grinding

Please let us know if you are
experiencing any of the above
symptoms,so that we can refer
you to the appropriate
dental specialist.

Do we offer Nitrous?
We offer nitrous oxide and oxygen,
also known as “laughing gas”. It is
highly effective in the management
of mild to moderate levels of dental
anxiety. Inhalation dentistry can’t be
used with persons who are claustrophobic, pregnant or unable
to breathe through their nose.